“[Hugh Hefner] is like Richard Gere: they get better looking with time”: Ashley Hobbs on men, sex, and why being a Playmate put a ‘neon sign’ above her head.

There is no doubt about one thing: Playmate’s have it all: big boobs (usually), a hot body, AND Hef occasionally (just kidding). They already have a one-up since they are models, but they also have curves and nice hair (so that makes them automatically a 10.. For all you mean boyz rating!!)

Aside from her good looks, Ashley Hobbs is down-to-earth and doesn’t seem too caught up in the LA scene (she’s from HAWAII : which is WAY cooler). She also decided to give me the time of day to answer my super important AND life-changing questions.


MP: What should I look for in a man (besides his bank account balance)?

AH: I am a hopeless romantic so if the dude is willing to open the door for you, send you flowers just cause it’s Wednesday, KEEP HIM! Every girl should be treated like a princess but when your man treats you like a Queen, you would be dumb to keep looking.

MP: Do guys actually only go for looks? Is this why celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine STRICTLY only date supermodels?

AH: My opinion? No. Looks are just the cherry on top if a woman has smarts, and a sense of humor then they would be a total package. But some men are shallow and looks are all they care about (trophy girl). It would really depend on the guy. Supermodels are not all looks all the time, but to some guys if she’s a 10 nothing else matters.

MP: How many ex boyfriends have come begging for you back since you posed for Playboy? And what did you say when you (hopefully) rejected them and lied saying Hef was your new BF?

AH: You never go backwards you always go forwards. So even if they tried, it’s nothing against them, I just prefer to move forward.

MP: I have found that guys treat girls differently based on hair color. When I was blonde, men wanted to always have sex with me instantly (or I was delusional). Brunette, they were more into dating and respecting me (but less attention…awful LOLZ!). Now that I have red hair, I get strange requests and attention from old married foreign men. Since you’re blonde, do you find that men treat you differently then say, your brunette friends? (Do you get into catfights over this?) Have you been any other hair color? Explain WHY and how blondes have more fun.

AH: I have always been a blonde so I wouldn’t know any different. But I do know that being blonde and posing for Playboy has put a huge invisible neon sign above my head that says “Check me off your bucket list.” I make it a fun time everywhere I go, I cannot speak for the brunettes or red heads but I know I don’t care what other people think so I just have a good time.

MP: On a side note, do men assume you’re easy because you’re blonde?

AH: I would say yes. Blonde hair has the iconic symbol (Playboy Playmate) we are all sexy, nymphomaniacs. I have definitely been approached where the dudes face just screams DTF? But then again, you cannot categorize all men into one group; every guy is different. But for the most part they think with their “friend” majority of the time.

MP: Many guys will search a girl’s pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Christian Mingle, etc. before they talk to them or ask them out. Have any perverted guys told you that they’ve searched for your pictures online before? Did you slap them when they said yes, or were you flattered they took the time to search for you? (God knows what they did after that).

AH: [laughs] I haven’t had a guy actually come up to me that I didn’t know that said that. But I definitely had some guy friends (platonic) come up to be and say: “I am proud of you, you’re like a celebrity. I Googled you.” And I would just smile and say thank you.

MP: Is Hugh Hefner as sexy in real life or do they airbrush his pictures significantly? (This is extremely important).

AH: Hands down Hugh Hefner is a STUD! He is like Richard Gere: they get better looking with time.

MP: If I were to pose for Playboy what should I expect? Will I finally get the attention of the man of my dreams?

AH: You definitely will get noticed. You will have men of all ages looking at you and making the pages of the magazine stick together. If the man of your dreams has not noticed you already, he’s not worth it. You pose for Playboy for yourself. You will gain so much confidence and just feel so sexy in your own skin.

MP: Since you’re extremely good looking, I wanted to ask you about tips that will grab a guy’s attention. I usually find that when I’m out at a bar, men tend to go for my friends and not me (this may be because I unintentionally give dirty looks all the time or I tend to fart a lot when I’m drinking). What is the best way to grab (and keep) a guy’s attention (especially when out at a bar or club)?

AH: CONFIDENCE. I give those same dirty looks don’t worry you’re not alone. But sitting there owning it you [will] see a guy across the bar. You should look like you’re having a great time with your friends; you make eye contact with him once, and go back to your friends’ conversation. You look over again and make eye contact again, but this time give him a flirtatious “Hey” look with a slight smile, but go back to drinking and laughing with your girls. Give it about 20 minutes and you will find yourself being approached with hopefully “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” Of course say yes, he will sit down and spark conversation, be your witty self and no one else. Make him laugh, be a little flirtatious but not coming off as easy. Talk about something substantial, like a real conversation. If it’s loud in the bar you lean in close to him and speak close to his ear that way you’re still sensual. You are already giving him a glimpse of yourself and teasing him with what else you are capable of. Men like a challenge and if you can give him that you will have his attention all night.

MP: I find there are a lot of weird men in LA (I dated two guys who lied about their age and their package size… how RUDE). How are the guys in Hawaii where you are from? Are they more honest about their package size? Does size REALLY matter?

AH: I am originally from Kailua, Oahu (Hawaii). Why a man would lie about his package size is just ridiculous, I mean you’re eventually going to see it so you can’t really hide your true size. Men here in Hawaii are different then the men in LA or other places people have been from that I dated. I would say they are very laid back and they like to have fun. Some are not dating material to me but I am super picky. The topic of their package size never comes up because if it’s supposed to happen I’ll see it for myself. To me package size doesn’t matter and I am sure you will get women that will say, “I want the Titanic size package”. As I said I am a hopeless romantic. If there is a connection there, it does not matter the size but how well he uses it.

MP: The best love advice I ever received was to play dumb to get a guy (works like a charm!) Should I act intelligent or will he just get intimidated?

AH: That is some of the worst advice I have ever heard. My biggest thing, and it’s something I have a tattoo of to constantly remind me is: “To thine own self be true”. If you are not true about who you are and accept it then you will never keep a guy. Being intelligent is not supposed to be intimidating; just those guys who are intimidated cannot keep up with who you are. Beyonce and Jay-Z are a great example, and probably just the best one because not everyone’s life is like that but the guy or girl you find will need to understand you, keep up with you, and push you to be a better you and you do the same for them. The more yourself you are the faster you will find the one who can handle you. All the other ones will not be able to keep up or handle you and you won’t waste your time.

MP: What is the best sex move and/or best thing a girl can say to a guy DURING sex that will keep his heart racing? (NOTE: all girls who are dating a much older man can ignore this question… since we do not want his heart to fully STOP).

AH: DO ALL THE WORK! Men are watchers; you will keep his heart racing just watching you.

MP: And finally, where is your favorite place in LA? Will I have a large chance of meeting a hot guy there (or getting laid)?

Ah: My favorite place in LA is of course the Playboy Mansion. You would definitely have a large chance of getting laid but probably both a woman and a guy (maybe not at the same time). You will meet a lot of amazing people there.