“I’d love to ask [Kim Kardashian] if she misses her old nose”: Moxi Suicide on men [Rod Stewart], sex toys, & what it’s like being the hottest ginger

Moxi Suicide is definitely the hottest red head I know. Aside from being a total bombshell, this girl makes no apologies. Not only does she have that edgy look, but she makes me want to cover myself in tattoos and try to be a Suicide Girl as well (dream on, Maddie… *sigh*). The Suicide Girls are a group of hot; rocker girls who decided to bring that “alternative” look into modeling. So basically if all you horny boys are tired of seeing blonde and tanned Barbie-types modeling, you will drool over The Suicide Girls (Moxie in particular). Aside from being super funny and HAWT, she also is extremely intelligent (triple threat lolz). Moxie answered my [very important] questions regarding people farting during her radio show (on, shhhex toys, and Rod Stewart.

MP: You have a hilarious radio show on Who was the most inappropriate / fun person to interview?

MS: I’ve had the chance to interview and chat with so many amazing guest on Suicidegirls radio, but one of my favorites was poker commentator Joe Stapleton. He is dirty, dirty and just downright funny. He’s so worth following on twitter if that’s your thing, @stapes.

MP: Has anyone ever farted during an awkward silence on the radio? If so, do you think the listeners heard it?

MS: HA. I’m sure someone has, but I’ve never been aware, I’m usually too entrenched in trying to keep awkward silences from happening.

MP: If Kim Kardashian was on your radio show and you could ask her one inappropriate question, what would it be?

MS: I’d love to ask her if she misses her old nose.

MP:I hear you are a sex toy expert. A lot of guys get scared when girls [I] suggest incorporating a massive butt plug into sex, how could a girl go about suggesting it to a guy [in the least threatening way].

MS: Ha. Butt plug, hmm. Are you trying to talk the guy into using the butt plug, or you want to use the butt plug whilst he’s f**king you?

Either way, I would say to never start with a massive butt plug. Anal play is a delicate arena that should be entered into with grace, respect and lots of lube!

But when trying to introduce something new, and possibly kinky into your sex life, communication with your partner is always key. Talk about why you want to introduce said kinky act, and why you’d like to have your partner involved. There’s a great form you can fill out with your partner called the “Yes-No-Maybe: A Kinky List” available at

MP: Every time I go into the sex store (just browsing, I SWEAR), employees hound me and try to get me to buy the most expensive toys. Are the more expensive toys THAT much better?

MS: Yes. There is so much room for shi**y sex toy manufacturing in the adult toy industry because it’s not regulated by any government agencies. You can make a vibrator in china for pennies, but it’s made of shi**y material that’s full of weird chemicals that you then take home and rub on your sensitive membranes.

Sex toys made of quality materials are often manufactured in the US, Germany or Sweden which makes them pricier. These higher quality sex toys are also often backed with a warranty and will last you much longer than a shitty mystery plastic toy from china. You get what you pay for.

MP: One of my guy friends loves pocket pu**y’s… I’m not really a fan because I can’t figure out how girls (myself) can use it. In your opinion, what is the best sex toy and why?

MS: I think there’s a sex toy for everyone. If your guy friend likes using pocket pussies – more power to him. Pocket pussies are a men’s toy and designed for men’s use- however you might be able to incorporate it into couples play with a little creatively.

I have a favorite sex toy in everyone category! My favorite wand style clitoral stimulator is the VibeRite by Kinklab, for G-spot stimulation I love the LELO Gigi. There are a bunch of really wonderful toys out there though. I would suggest looking for toys by JimmyJane, Crave, Fun Factory, Lelo and Kinklab.

MP: I always tell girls to “be careful” when they are considering dying their hair red. This is because sometimes it will attract hill billies and other (more fortunate) times, it will attract a gay hair stylist that wants to know where I got my hair done. Have you always had red hair? Do you find red hair attracts a unique breed of men?

MS: [Laughs] I’ve had red hair for over 10 years now, and I would agree that it attracts a certain amount of attention. There’s an image that red hair conjures for people and I think it goes back to the red haired vixens of 1950’s pin up culture.

MP: Usually guys use pickup lines on me such as “tell me your net worth” or better yet, “I can help you lose weight” (said often when I’m at McDonalds). What is the best pickup line someone has used on you? Did it work?

MS: Wow- I haven’t had a pickup line used on me in sooo long. I’m so awkward in public that I think I’m just oblivious to when people are trying to hit on me.

MP: Since you have the perfect mix of pin-up girl and rock & roll. Do you get lots of hot rocker-y guys running after you? (*sigh*)

MS: Ha! I wish I got more hot rockers running after me. Joan Jett- I love you!

MP: Someone once told me that the hottest men in LA could be found at Pink Taco or Chick-fil-A . In your opinion, where do the hottest guys hangout?

MS: UGH. I have to say I’ve never been to Pink Taco or Chick-fil-A. I find that there are usually beautiful people hanging out at the Thirsty Crow.

MP: When I’m too lazy to go out to these magical places to meet guys, I sometimes turn to Tinder. Have you ever Tinder’d or been on a Tinder date?

MS: I am on Tinder. It’s an interesting social experiment.

MP: You moved from San Francisco to LA. What are the guys like there? And do they wear as much face foundation and bronzer as the men in LA do?

MS: For the most part the men in San Francisco are over- grown, over- indulged children with mommy complexes. I’ll take guy- liner over the google glass any day.

MP: People sometimes ask me why I choose to shorten my name [Madeleine Pocklington] to Maddie Pocks. I usually just tell them it’s my porn star name and they stop asking. On a lighter note, the name you go by [Moxi Suicide] is WAY cooler than mine. Is there a story behind your name?

MS: I used to play basketball (Surprise!) and my 7th grade basketball coach was a kind old gentleman that used to tell me that I had a lot of moxie. Eventually my teammates just started calling me Moxi- and the name stuck.

MP: Who is SEXIER: Rob Zombie, Rod Stewart, or Regis Philbin? (This is very important).

MS: I’ve always been in love with Rod Stewart- I have a thing for big noses.

MP: I’ve never posed nude for anything. You seem very comfortable showing your skin and being in front of the camera. Do you have any pointers for nude modelling?

MS: Apparently I’ve been a nudist since a very young age. My parents told me that they could never get me to keep my clothes on. As an adult I entered into nude modeling by posing for figure studies classes and then moved on from there. I think the most important thing is – do it if you want to and own it, or just don’t do it. There’s no half-assing in nude modeling.

MP: And lastly, who is your celeb crush? If you saw them out at a bar and could only say one thing, what would it be?

MS: My celeb crush is Kristen Stewart. If I saw her in person, I’d probably just drool and tell her I liked her shoes. Don’t judge.