Word Vom 4

  1. I said bae for the first time ever and felt nothing.
  2. I prank phone called a p*rn star the other day by myself… and also felt nothing.
  3. Apparently I am so square lately I have to put a * in every other word. ^^
  4. New game of the day: count how many men are sitting on their laptop in Starbucks (WITH glasses on). Now count how many will actually be the next J.K. Rowling. The end.
  5. A more time consuming game to try at Starbucks: sit and listen to people who are on dates. PAY ATTENTION. This will teach you that you should always do cocktails NOT coffee tales…Men on coffee dates like to tell stories about re-modeling their neighbor’s house [they want their date to think they are strong] and women tend to say how much they love their sisters…dog [they want men to think they are cute and will be good at taking care of them] YAWN.
  6. If I hear Michael Buble playing ONE MORE TIME in Starbucks I may do something CRAZY like start going to Dunkin Donuts.
  7. Last time I was at Starbucks (a few minutes ago), someone next to me quite literally turned to their friend and asked; “does this turn you on?” and pointed to their coffee. I AM NOT OK RIGHT NOW.
  8. There is nothing more gratifying then posting a Throw-back-Thursday picture of you when you were skinny… and tricking people into thinking you still look like that.
  • KONY 2014