Word Vom (5)

1. Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Aidan from Sex and The City is now doing Walgreen’s commercials? Tissue, please.


Please, please, stick to the reg. man bun. #SOS

3. There is nothing more attractive then a guy who actually shows you he likes you. And actually tells you when he doesn’t anymore. Maturity, people!

4. There is also nothing more attractive then a guy who asks you how your day was. Don’t you just hate it when all he talks about is himself? Oh men and their monologues… *yawnnnn*

5. Why do men in the creative industry always feel the need to brag so much about well their, career? Please don’t play me your band’s newest song, show me your newest modelling photo, and/or tell me how many likes you got on that last picture. *sigh*

5. Tweeting and drinking is so effing dangerous. Do yourself a favour and delete the app before a big “blackout” night. There is nothing worse then waking up to tweets you posted the night before about how boys suck or how bad that guy you made out with smelt like cabbage.. because ya…he’s following you. NICE ONE.

6. I miss George W. Bush’s face sometimes.

7. I also want Bruce Jenner to be my mom.

8. Is anyone else addicted to the “following” page on Instagram? It gets me a little jealous whenever my “crush” (how cute of me) likes a photo of another girls ass, and not mine. *major sigh*